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Audio & Video Essentials
per organization
5 Gigabytes of storage
Unlimited collaborators
Overage billing for storage applies
24 ¢ per minute for data processing
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Enterprise plan
5 Terabytes of video storage
Unlimited collaborators
Unlimited data processing
Dedicated support
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Basic plan
or $199 yearly
Etiam tristique vulputate
Fusce diam sed feugiat
Cras porta fringilla ante
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Pro plan
or $299 yearly
Euismod odio integer magna
Nunc varius nunc a tellus
Malesuada aliquet vestibulum
Ante ipsum primis faucibus orci
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Enterprise plan
or $499 yearly
Class aptent taciti sociosqu
Vivamus vestibul malesuada
Nunc sit amet varius enim
Curabitur semper vulputate
Aliquam erat est volutpat
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Frequently asked questions

Have questions on our pricing? Check out the information below!

Can I pay for an annual license up front?

While our prices are listed monthly, you can absolutely pay for an annual license. Talk to your sales rep for more information on annual discounts.

What happens to my data if I don't renew?

Your existing data will still be available for up to a year after you cancel your subscription with us. You will no longer be able to upload or analyze new files after you cancel.

Can I pay for additional storage?

Yes! Talk to our sales team about what storage specifications fit your needs most closely and we can put together a custom plan for you.

How secure is SIID?

SIID is backed by Amazon's AWS GovCloud Security and Compliance

Still have questions?

Reach out to our sales team.