AI Empowered

Expedite evidence discovery.

Harness the power of AI to quickly investigate, discover evidence, and close gaps in information.


Unleash the power of eDiscovery

Efficiently uncover critical insights and effectively drive just outcomes.

Quick and easy to get started

Unlike other eDiscovery tools, SIID is user-friendly and accessible, with an onboarding process that is as simple as signing up.

Expedites caseload processing

SIID streamlines discovery workflows so that attorneys can spend more time developing winning legal strategies.

Reduce the risk of bias and errors

We leverage data science and machine learning to help lawyers inform decision-making and protect clients against system errors.

Time (and cost) is of the essence

With over 500K+ criminal cases backlogged in the U.S. courts, attorneys are struggling to provide timely and quality access to legal representation. SIID uses cutting-edge AI technology to help busy legal and investigative teams close the information gap in a fraction of the time and cost.

Save valuable time
Spend less time reviewing evidence and more time preparing quality ligation strategies
Spend less money
Choose a plan that works for you. Our flexible plans scale to meet your needs, big or small.

eDiscovery empowered

AI Analysis & Early Case Assessment

Quickly review and receive a comprehensive summation of your case.

Smart Insights

Uses tag, filters, and annotations to discover key moments and critical evidence.

Team Collaboration

Invite team members and streamline your case processing workflow.


Facilitate discovery from anywhere. Your case data is secured and managed within a CJIS-compliant Gov Cloud system.